Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mental Health Update

It’s true, I may be a little impulsive and irrational sometimes. As I file for graduation I can’t help to think that if I didn’t miss last semester I would be graduating in a month or so. As I look deeper I know that to be bullshit. If I would have stayed in Wichita Falls and tried to “gut it out” I probably would have dropped out of school. Heading to Tucson was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I got fit again, met my beautiful girlfriend Jessie (again), had a fun job, made some new friends, got to wake up to the mountains every day, had a cool internship with Unique Designs by Kathy, got to hang out with grandpa and grandma a bit and had the support of my good friend Megan and her family.

I’m all good now!!!

So the point is?

When you’re low, make a change! Don’t wait to do it. Life is too short to jack around with the stupid shit that happens. Talk it over with your love ones to make sure they know how you’re doing, make a plan to change your situation, and then implement it. If you need help, that’s why you have friends and family.

My only regret of going to Tucson was not getting there sooner. Thank you Jessie, family and friends, without you all I would be in some serious trouble.


Anonymous said...

Welcome Back.


Kathy Withers said...

Glad to see that you are back in the swing of things! MD is so different from AZ. The goats and sheep love the grass. They all love the barn. Come visit. We now have a bed in the guest room. It is in the 1820's portion of the house.