Tuesday, August 25, 2015


The beginning of a business. Cool eh?

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Wave.

It’s time to ride again, figuratively.

There’s nothing more important in life than Jessie, family, friends and of course my own mental health. If it’s one thing I have, it’s that I’m a very optimistic person. That has changed over the last few months, I’ve become detached from everyone, not riding my bike and very pessimistic. My friends became worried, Jessie sure isn’t stoked about it and with her headed up to WI I was able to spend some time reflecting.

I was trying to be someone I’m not.

We all have different priorities and goals in life. Everyone is different. Some people have kids, responsibilities, houses, cars… financial burden anyone? Not to mention the mental strain these things provide. Going to school was never a means to climb the corporate ladder. My goal was to become educated, a purely intrinsic reward that many of my professors picked up on. We don’t have a house, I’m driving my last car for a while and after she dies we’ll be a one car family. Kids are on the back burner; adoption isn’t out of the question, maybe later in life. I would like someday to have a little bit of land and a small home on it were Jessie and I can have Whiner Dog sanctuary.


Yeah, that’s what I am and you know what, Jessie loves that. Life is way too damn short to be not happy. I’m headed back to the bike shop. I haven’t worked at one for about 13 years. I was the youngest Service Manager at Eriks at the age 19. I’m I excited about making less than I did back then? Yes. Which is funny kind of, but it's true. I’ll also be spending some time working on cyclecrossisstupid.com, spending time with Jessie and riding my bike. 

"Living the dream"

I’ve lived a great life. Have seen and experienced many things. Things people dream about. Maybe by this time next year Jessie and I will be camping around the US while she’s on summer break.

That sounds like a good plan to start formulating.

Fuck it, let’s just wing it baby. 

Quantifying success limits it's capabilities into the box you put it in. Something to think about...

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Who’s coaching your kids?

This shouldn't be news to anyone; Kevin Livingston is the owner of Pedal Hard fitness center in the basement of Mellow Johnny's and also in a Big Shark Bicycling Company in St. Louis. Kevin rode professional for many years and NEVER tested positive while in competition. There was some retroactive testing done in 2004 for his samples from the tour in 98/99 and guess what was in those? EPO duh!

He was a great doper. Better then Lance and way better that all those Astana jokers.

So let’s get back to the title of this post. I can give a rats shit if you’re a 45 year old Cat. 4 who wants to be coached by this really good ex doper. You might get faster, slower, but really who cares.

I’m a little upset to learn that he coaches a U23 Development Team. Do you see where we’re taking this?

From a developmental view having a coach is great. I can name about 5 good ones with college degrees and high level racing experience who NEVER doped. If I were a parent I would be stoked to learn that my kid made it on a decent U23 team and then be destroyed to learn that one of the main sponsors is owned by an ex doper who also happens to be a coach for the team. What does that teach my child? #itpaystodope

Let’s let Kevin sum this up, since he says it best.

"My goal in starting Pedal Hard is to use my years of experience to help people explore their potential." Kevin Livingston Founder of Pedal Hard

It sounds funny doesn't it?

Don't get me started about all the dopers still in our sport. We have enough to clean up in our own back yard. 

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Frustrations of Job Searching

Bike Ride
On my way home from work
Got laid off, what a joke
Car is on E
Is this what’s like to have a college degree?
Got home sat down typed up some rhymes
Thinking maybe someone someday will pick up my lines
All I want to do is live the American dream
Like you see on TV
Been searching for that dream
On websites like Monster and SHRM
Frustrated to say the least
Trying to stay ahead
Fuck it, I’m going to go ride my bike instead.
Here I am not feeling so well
Lying in bed if you can’t tell
Almost graduated getting a degree
That’s what the world said would set me free
 But here I am on my knees
Looking for a job- I’m not alone
Flashy insurance man with heavy cologne
Telling me to tell people to sell their souls
                Nahh man that’s not the job for me
Standing now on my two feet
Still don’t have a job, feeling some defeat
 But up here I can see
The world around me drinking Hennessey
 Spending on credit
-You don’t have
 Living large
-You can’t afford
 Giving false hope to the masses
Come on lets tip our glasses
Come on let it go
The world around you is nothing but a show
So tip you glasses lets say cheers
The whole world around you is in tears

Sunday, December 09, 2012

It's time...

to dust this bad boy off.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Personal Days

School has been going really well. Last semester I picked up 2 As and a B. Not too bad considering all the work I was doing and I was being told I was crazy to take it all on. The amount does hit me though sometimes. Take today, a Personal Day. We all have that day where we wake up and just don’t want to do what we normally do. Like Peter in Office Space where he just sleeps in and then goes fishing. I’m having one of those days. I cleaned up a bit, made some coffee and am about to write some flash cards for a test that’s coming up. So far this semester I’m pulling 2 As again and a really high B or low A. Couple more weeks. Then an online Art Appreciation class in the fall and I’ll be done. For now.

So it’s facebook official. Jessie wants to announce to the world I love her. ;) “She’s one cool chick” Grandma. I like being around her. Best advice I’ve ever got was from my good friend in Minnesota. He told me the best relationships will be the ones where you’re not even trying and that everything works out with no drama, crying or arguments. Now I’ve had some good relationships, but none that have been this simple. Not only does she make me happy, she also makes everyone around her that much brighter.

Having all that time off the bike has hurt. My form is nowhere close where it was at OKC. I think that was the decline of my fitness and I was holding onto it with just 5 or so hours a week. Well I started back up training again and with some advice from Collin I’ll be fit enough to run my mouth again in the peloton soon.