Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Personal Days

School has been going really well. Last semester I picked up 2 As and a B. Not too bad considering all the work I was doing and I was being told I was crazy to take it all on. The amount does hit me though sometimes. Take today, a Personal Day. We all have that day where we wake up and just don’t want to do what we normally do. Like Peter in Office Space where he just sleeps in and then goes fishing. I’m having one of those days. I cleaned up a bit, made some coffee and am about to write some flash cards for a test that’s coming up. So far this semester I’m pulling 2 As again and a really high B or low A. Couple more weeks. Then an online Art Appreciation class in the fall and I’ll be done. For now.

So it’s facebook official. Jessie wants to announce to the world I love her. ;) “She’s one cool chick” Grandma. I like being around her. Best advice I’ve ever got was from my good friend in Minnesota. He told me the best relationships will be the ones where you’re not even trying and that everything works out with no drama, crying or arguments. Now I’ve had some good relationships, but none that have been this simple. Not only does she make me happy, she also makes everyone around her that much brighter.

Having all that time off the bike has hurt. My form is nowhere close where it was at OKC. I think that was the decline of my fitness and I was holding onto it with just 5 or so hours a week. Well I started back up training again and with some advice from Collin I’ll be fit enough to run my mouth again in the peloton soon. 


Anonymous said...

I mean, we'll see.

Kathy Withers said...

So what are you up to now? Drop me a line.